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When we are using X Ray Baggage Scanner, please make sure to perform the following safety checks: 1,The system power-on MUST BE CHECKED BEFORE channel entrance and exit to prevent X-ray leakage of lead-free curtain is intact, and if there is damage, replace it immediately. 2,Check for objects obstructing the light barrier. 3,Check that the belt is intact, and whether or not it is against the check Baggage stabs and smudges, conveyor belt for deviation or stuck. 4,Check your X-ray device Housing Panel, the monitor, the keyboard, and cable for damage. 5,Confirm that all of the covers have been covered.

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X Ray Baggage Scanner Security 

X Ray Baggage Scanner device, the X beam of radiation to the reliable protective measures to effectively ensure the operation and the test the safety of personnel. These measures are as follows:

1,The system uses the X-ray source is an active part, and it is only in the high-pressure, would be able to launch X rays, it does not power up, such as the transportation, save, you won't have any X ray.

2,The enclosure 4 Week and collimator is used lead-free board shield, access ports are fitted with lead curtains, have been effective in preventing X ray's injury.

3, In order to ensure that the maintenance staff security, the two interlock switch (any one interlock switch will not launch X-ray), conveyor stops and channel, no items X-ray also does not launch, the service personnel from X ray injury.

4, The device in more than one location set ground wire, you can effectively prevent electric shock and equipment damage.

5,The device Internal overload, over-current, over-protective, and will have an accident and dangerous to minimize the risk.

6, The X-ray security system is fully in line with X ray national GB 15,208 - 005.1 the security requirements.

 In any case, Channel-X-ray device design can protect the personnel’s operating and maintenance. The system has a very low X radiation dose, while at the same time to ensure that the object has enough penetration, photographic materials, food, drug and tapes are not affected, and even more exposure there is no harm done. The device is equipped with a large lead shielding to prevent X radiation leaks. A lead curtain can reduce almost-ray external radiation to zero. The X-rays of the sunlight and the detector box, fitted with a safety interlock switch, the control circuit to monitor the interlock switch. The interlock switch, the device will be switched off automatically X-ray controller AC power to shut-off X rays. The device's X ray source in power cut cannot launch X rays.


1,Any a X-ray devices are harmful, therefore, to minimize exposure to radiation in the environment of the time, and that protection!

2,The external power supply, power supply, and it must be a good ground, must be true to the earth.


Product Name
X-ray inspection machine
Model NumberJKDC-5030A 

General specification

Tunnel Size


Conveyor Speed


Conveyor Max Load

100kg(Evenly distributed)

Dose per Inspection

less than 1.0 μGy/h

Wire Resolution
Spatial Resolution

Level: dia1.0mm

Vertical: dia1.3mm

Penetration 14mm Stell
Film SafetyGuarantee ISO1600 Film
X-ray Leakageless than 1 μGy/h (at a distance of 5cm  from frame house)
Monitor 19 inch
Operation temperature/Humidity0°C-45°C/20%-95%(non-condensing)
Storage Temperature/Humidity -20°C-60°C/20%-95%(non-condensing )
Operation Power220VAC(±10%)50±3Hz
Power Consumptionless than 0.5KW

Image system

X-ray sensor

L-Shaped Photodiode Array (monoenergetic) , 16bit Deep


High-Resolution Color, LCD Accord, 19 inch

Image Processing

Edge enhancement, image strengthening, image lightening,  reducing darkening,

image returning, image retrieval

Image grey level


Image max resolution

1024*1280 pixel

Image processing

24bit for processing real-time

Image storage

Storage 10000 pictures in real-time

X-ray generator

Generator direction


Generator angle

80 degree

Anode voltage


Anode power


Cooling / Duty Cycle

Oil Cooling /100%

Package Size
Net Weight190KG
Gross Weight249KG


Channel-X-ray device uses the latest imaging technology, the higher resolution, and the image sharper, can quickly and efficiently test a variety of dangerous goods, is widely used in government agencies, embassies, airports, conference centers, expo center, tourist attractions, sports and cultural facilities, post office, shopping centers, hotels, schools, and other security applications, suitable for bags, suitcases, bags, and other classes.


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