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Channel-X-ray device is consist of baggage handling section, X beam source and control section, signal acquisition and transfer, image processing and electrical control section. Channel-X-ray device is with the help of the transfer belt is checked baggage-feed track channel. Items go to Channel, detection unit the information sent to the control unit, the control unit trigger X-ray source launch X rays. X-ray after collimator, formed a very narrow fan beam to penetrate on a conveyor belt of baggage items falling onto the detector, the detector to receive the X-ray into electrical signals, and these are very weak current signal is zoomed in quantified, through a universal serial bus transfer to industrial control computer for further processing, the complex arithmetic and image processing, high-quality images.

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The product has the following characteristics, provides users with a fast, convenient service.

*Environmental friendly lead-free Curtain: Lead curtain looks after a specific processing, wear, and environmentally friendly, increase the using time

*The Network Interface: can be connected to your LAN, multiple terminal and check Baggage

*Ray more secure:-ray emission control to avoid misleading launch

*The key to shutdown control: off, simply turn the key, the device auto safety shut-down, simple and convenient.

*The image Dynamic processing functions: Some function keys in the dynamic, real-time processing

The works shown below:

X ray Equipment operation schematic.jpg

Basic Safety Rules

Although channel-X-ray device easy-to-operate, and we continue to recommend that you in before you turn on the computer read through manual, and to comply with the following rules:

1,More than 6 months without the use of the equipment, please do not turn it on! Must be a professional technician to X X-ray generator to re-start, it may cause X X-ray generator damage!

2,The operating channel of X-ray device, you should learn more about the application of radiation protection regulations!

3,If the other person to operate your channel-X-ray device, you must make sure that he is a qualified operator for all safety instructions, laws and regulations.

4,The channel of X-ray installation of the equipment, electrical connections, as well as the mechanical and electrical components of the replacement must only be handled by an experienced professional technicians .

5,If a channel-X-ray device in case parts, cable, or belt is damaged, it must be stopped immediately!

6,Channel-X-ray device Housing Panel and Parts can only be eligible for the professional technician, open!

7,No modification, change the security of the system in any part. For installation of the equipment, debugging, or repairs may only be done by trained and qualified personnel.

8,Channel-X-ray device can only be used to check items! Do not check for human or other creature!

9,Prohibiting sitting or standing on the belt.

10,Prohibits the start channel-X-ray device, any part of the body to enter the channel!

11,Ensure that the baggage detection channel or outlet port is not the stack! If the baggage blocking the Check the channel, the channel clean before first should be shut down.

12,To prevent the fluid flowing to the machine, in such a case should be immediately shut down.

13,The channel-X-ray device and display the thermal port cannot be blocked!

14,Before the system works must be grounded. The power supply socket and install on-site must have a reliable grounding configuration.

15,The device, try to avoid standing in the Channel exports, near to the entrance.

16,Lead curtain damage or open, you cannot get the device.

17,Although X-ray dose is very small, but non-members of the staff or to be as far as possible away from the device.


Product Name
X-ray inspection machine
Model NumberJKDC-5030A 

General specification

Tunnel Size


Conveyor Speed


Conveyor Max Load

100kg(Evenly distributed)

Dose per Inspection

less than 1.0 μGy/h

Penetration resolutionTypical 32AWGΦ0.202mm
Wire resolutionTypical AWG40Φ0.202mm
Spatial resolution

Vertical:1.0mm, horizontal:1.0mm

Penetration 14mm Stell
Film SafetyGuarantee ISO1600 Film
X-ray Leakageless than 1 μGy/h (at a distance of 5cm  from frame house)
Monitor 19 inch
Operation temperature/Humidity0°C-45°C/20%-95%(non-condensing)
Storage Temperature/Humidity -20°C-60°C/20%-95%(non-condensing )
Operation Power220VAC(±10%)50±3Hz
Power Consumptionless than 0.5KW

Image system

X-ray sensor

L-Shaped Photodiode Array (monoenergetic) , 16bit Deep


High-Resolution Color, LCD Accord, 19 inch

Image Processing

Edge enhancement, image strengthening, image lightening,  reducing darkening,

image returning, image retrieval

Image grey level


Image max resolution

1024*1280 pixel

Image processing

24bit for processing real-time

Image storage

Storage 10000 pictures in real-time

X-ray generator

Generator direction


Generator angle

80 degree

Anode voltage


Anode power


Cooling / Duty Cycle

Oil Cooling /100%

Package Size
Net Weight190KG
Gross Weight249KG


Channel-X-ray device uses the latest imaging technology, the higher resolution, and the image sharper, can quickly and efficiently test a variety of dangerous goods, is widely used in government agencies, embassies, airports, conference centers, expo center, tourist attractions, sports and cultural facilities, post office, shopping centers, hotels, schools, and other security applications, suitable for bags, suitcases, bags, and other classes.


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