Categories, Setup And Operation Of Walk Through Metal Detector

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When categorizing walk through metal detectors, they fall into two broad categories. The first type essentially provides a single zone metal detection system, while the second type provides multi zones metal detection.


For some multi zone walk through metal detectors such as Garrett MT 5500, the metal target will be detected to be either on the left or right side.


A good example or illustration to show the difference between the single zone and multi zone walk through metal detector is this. If an individuals walks through a metal detector with a metal object in his left hand, both the single and multi zones detector will detect the metal.


However, for a multi zone metal detector, it will be able to tell precisely where the metal target object is located on the individual.


In fact, for other advanced multi zone walk through metal detectors such as Gerrett PD6500, the exact locations where the metals may be on the individual will be shown from head to toe as well as from the right side to the left side.


For this reason, a multi zone metal detector is usually recommended, especially in areas where a large crowd needs to be processed.


Examples of Multi Zone Wall Through Metal Detectors include;

1. Fisher M-Shape Portable Walk through Security Metal Detector

2. Garrett Magnascanner MT 5500

3. Garett PD6500i


Examples of Single Zone Wall Through Metal Detectors include;

1. Garret Magnascanner MS 3500

2. Garret Magnascanner CS 5000

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Basic Locations and Applications of Walk Through Metal Detectors

Before now, metal detectors were usually found only in correctional facilities and airports. However, that has changed today because walk through metal detectors are now seen in many other places such as schools.


Other places where metal detectors are used today include; night clubs, police stations, private and public facilities for the security of the workplace. Also, metal detectors are found in places such as historical landmarks, warehouses, transportation terminals, manufacturing facilities, nuclear facilities, courthouses, sporting arenas and others.


Setup/Installation and Operation of Walk Through Metal Detectors

Most modern walk through metal detectors are very easy to install and operate. This is because each security walk through unit usually comes with an instructional setup video together with a detailed manual of installation.


For digital electronic components, these ones can easily be adjusted using a LCD unit or a touch pad. Also, most metal walk through detectors comes with an inbuilt factory program. With this, it then becomes very easy to adjust your metal detector to suit your location as well as the type of target objects you want it to detect.


More so, you can also adjust the sensitivity of your metal detector for quick detection of the slightest metal object within its range of operation. Nevertheless, when setting up your metal detector walk through, it is important to consider other permissible metal objects in which people may want to pass through the machine with. With this, it then become important to have a basket or a tray where they can drop their metal object before passing through the detector system.


Finally, when setting up metal detectors, it is important to exclude metal objects such as keys, belt, watches so that the security checks will be well organized and fast.


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