Helpful Guidance for A Safe Event

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With the continuous occurrence of terrorist violence, mass incidents and the use of high-tech explosive devices, the international security situation has become more serious in recent years. In the face of this situation, governments of all countries have strengthened their security inspection efforts and inspection scope. They continuously adopt new technologies and new equipment. Driven by the needs of various large-scale activities and industries, the explosion-proof security inspection business has entered a brand-new development stage nowadays.

The development trend of security inspection equipment products will focus on the following four aspects:

(1) CT automatic explosive detection system will gradually replace conventional X-ray scanning equipment and AT machines;

(2) Human body imaging security inspection equipment will replace metal detection equipment;

(3) Bottled liquid security inspection technology needs to be broken through;

(4) The container cargo/vehicle inspection system provides a higher pass rate based on reducing costs.

As a one-stop security solution supplier, JKDC SECURITY continuously provides high quality and high cost-effective products to help improve a safer world. Whether your security equipping needs for a high-risk conflict zone or in daily operations, we’re there to offer you the best safety event prevention equipment.

X-Ray Baggage Scanner

X-Ray Baggage Scanner.png

For x-ray baggage scanner in public places such as airports and subway stations, the baggage entrances and exits of security checkers are most susceptible to radiation leakage. There will be no radiation leaking out. At the same time, when the rays are turned on, if the head and hands are not stretched in, there will be no harm to the human body. 



Turnstile is designed to provide unsupervised access control for office or building. The impenetrable construction eliminates any unauthorized access to restricted areas. To gain authorized passage through the turnstile, the user must present a valid card for the access control system. 

Walk -Through Metal Detector

Walk -Through Metal Detector.png

A walk-through metal detector is a detection device that detects whether a person is carrying metal objects. When the inspected person passes through the walk through metal detector and the metal carried on the human body exceeds the parameter value preset according to the weight, quantity or shape, the security gate immediately alarms and displays the location of the metal that caused the alarm, so that the security inspector timely a metal object was found with the person.

Rising Bollards

Rising Bollards.png

Rising bollard is a device that controls the passage of vehicles. By restricting passing vehicles, it effectively guarantees the traffic order, that is, the safety of major facilities and places. It can be used in conjunction with barrier control systems, etc., or can be used alone. They are available in a variety of types, height, width and thickness upon request.


In recent years, security inspection policies and regulations and strong market demand have promoted the development of security inspection technology. Safety security inspection technology has made great progress in the fields of cargo inspection, baggage and article inspection, and human body inspection. Single technology has been transformed into multiple technologies, and isolated devices have been transformed into equipment interconnection and information sharing.


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