How A Walk-Through Metal Detector Works

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A walk through metal detector is a security device deployed in public places and offices. Such public places include airports, schools, government offices, and stadia, to mention a few.


They are like cameras, door access control in a total security system, very effective and safe. Anyone that has traveled by air can attest to this fact.


The science behind walk through metal detector can be traced to the James Clerk Maxwell (1831 – 1879) equation in Physics. He described the relationship between magnetism and electricity.


However, the above relation can be experimented through a copper coil wrapped around a metal nail. The metal nail becomes magnetized when current is applied to the coil.


It makes use of electric pulse, especially when it went through a coil wire, it generates a magnetic field. Thus, anytime it comes across a metal object, it reflects back.


The detection can be tested using another wire coil. The size and the position of the object are usually defined by the timing of the detected pulse.


However, for your security system, you need to contact a reputable walk through metal detector manufacturers for the best and reliable products.

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How Walk Through Metal Detector Work

Pulse induction (PI) technology is the mechanism that a walk through metal detector operates upon.


Short pulses of current are sent through a wire coil by the PI. Each pulse creates a short magnetic field.


Therefore causing a reflection anytime a piece of metal passes through it. The magnetic field then reacts with the receiver coil, thereby turning-on the alarm system.


However, the triggering effect causes a current to pass through the coil lasting a few microseconds. It is this successive current that is known as reflected pulse.


It is worthy to note that about 100 pulses per second can be sent by a distinctive PI-based metal detector. Although, this differs based on the manufacturer and model.


However, the space inside the rectangular arch of the metal detector is covered by a large magnetic field generated by the walk through metal detector.


Whenever anyone passes through the metal detector and the alarm is triggered, this informed the security personnel about potential metal-based weapons such as a knife or a gun.


The modern metal detector is designed with multiple zones that not only sound an alarm but can provide information on where the metal object is located.


Walk Through Metal Detectors are Safe and Effective

The safety of the metal detector on those passing through it has been long-established by the expert.


Although a metal detector generates magnetic fields that are a form of radiation, it is asserted that the radiation the machine emits is nonionizing. However, no biological damage is caused to the users.


It is on this note that public places like banks, airports, schools, and businesses adopt it to enforce effective security.



The metal detector employs magnetic fields in detecting a metal object that passes through them. They have been certified to be a safe and effective means for maintaining security.


Hence, for your total security system, especially for metal detection, always seek the services of a walk through metal detector supplier for the best deal and best products.


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