Introduction to the features of full height turnstile

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Full height gates, also called revolving gates or full height gates, also called cross gates, are three-roller gates, translation gates, wing gates, and translation gates. Many important places need to be unattended all day long, such as prisons, factories engaged in special industries, construction sites and other places have become full height turnstiles.


The rapid development of the industry has promoted batch after batch of fast-growing enterprises. The revolving door is suitable for strict control areas and can effectively prevent climbing and crossing. When passing through the turnstile, passers-by cannot pass through the turnstile, and the turnstile controlled by the management agency can deny unauthorized entry of personnel. If the authorization is allowed, the transmission gate will be automatically released.


The first point, the scope of application


The full height turnstile is the safest turnstile. Compared with other types of turnstiles, it can carry out stricter force control. The full height turnstile can effectively allow only one person to pass at a time. It is suitable for areas with high security such as stadiums, courtyards, factories, airports, theaters, prisons and construction sites.

 Full Height Turnstile

The mechanical part of the equipment includes emergency controls. In the event of a power failure, the central swivel arm can rotate freely to ensure that the passage is unobstructed; it meets the fire protection requirements and is automatically locked when the machine is turned on. It can be applied to all building environments and can solve all control problems of pedestrian passages. It can control whether the door is locked or unlocked at any time through up to 20 signal interfaces, which is convenient for users to expand functions.


The second point, functional characteristics


1. All stainless steel rainproof box, novel and beautiful.

2. It has a personalized installation interface (such as card reader, indicator light installation, etc.) to ensure that the control door equipment of the system integrator is simple and convenient to install.

3. The movement of the revolving door has an automatically adjusted hydraulic shock absorber. When using the turnstile, the sound is very small, there is no collision, and the brake lever automatically decelerates back to the center. The surface of the movement is plated with yellow dichromate.

4. Programmable door control, one or two direction control (set by the user).

5. Anti-diving function, pedestrians will not dive backwards when they pass through the gate.

 Full Height Turnstile

6. Anti-tailing function, only one person can pass at a time, and one person can only pass one person.

7. When the power is turned off and the door is not powered, the door can rotate freely, which meets the fire protection requirements.

8. Turn off the power. In special occasions (banks, prisons, etc.), doors can also be closed during power outages to improve safety and reliability. The staff will start the backup power supply, open the door, and deal with it in time.

9. The base is fixed with expansion bolts.


The third point, classification:


1. According to the direction of traffic, it can be divided into: one-way full height turnstile, two-way full height turnstile

2. According to the traffic mode, it can be divided into: electric full height turnstile, manual full height turnstile

3. According to the style, it can be divided into: dual-channel full height turnstile, single-channel full height turnstile

4. According to the traffic mode, it can be divided into: mechanical electric full height turnstile, semi-automatic full height turnstile, and fully automatic full height turnstile

5. According to the braking method, it can be divided into semi-automatic braking full height turnstile and fully automatic braking full height turnstile


The main advantages of our full height turnstile are: sturdiness, impact resistance, and cannot be illegally overtaken. If you are interested, you can contact us.




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