Introduction to the product features and scope of use of roadblock machines

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Roadblock machine (aka anti-terrorism wall). According to the protection performance, it can be divided into double-sided anti-collision roadblock machine and single-side anti-collision roadblock machine. Both use hydraulic energy as the power to realize the lifting function of the turning body.


Its main role is to provide security guarantees for key defense departments such as troops, prisons, road checkpoints, warehouses, and docks. Prevent unauthorized vehicles from forcibly entering, which has high practicability, reliability and safety.



1.Quick and calm

The fastest lifting time can reach 3 seconds, which is much longer than the pneumatic lifting column of the same specification, which is extremely rare. Because it uses a hydraulic drive unit, it moves softly and calmly, which solves the problem of large noise caused by the traditional pneumatic lifting column due to the air pump.

roadblock machine 

2. Agile control

The control unit adopts a multifunctional logic controller, which can modulate a variety of different functional modes to meet the different functional needs of different users. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the movement stroke is an adjustable timing design, and the user can freely control the lifting height of the cover plate, effectively saving energy consumption.


3. Unique structure

The core part of the hydraulic unit and the mechanical power mechanism are integrally designed, which can effectively transmit mechanical energy to the hydraulic drive unit with high efficiency. The unique design of the hydraulic unit to achieve a direct pressure rise, with excellent performance, is rare in the same field at home and abroad.


4. Safe and reliable

In an emergency situation such as a power outage, the emergency lowering button can be turned on by hand, and the roadblock cover can be lowered to open the passage and let the vehicle pass. The upper and lower parts of the internal fixing mechanism are respectively equipped with a current detection sensor and an electromagnetic sensor, thereby realizing the overcurrent protection of the power unit and the effective limit of the cylinder movement, and the operation is stable and reliable.


5. Economical

Because it is a hydraulic transmission integrated mode, it is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, low consumption, lower failure rate, longer service life, and lower maintenance costs. In addition, the non-traditional guide mechanism design is adopted, which makes installation and maintenance easier and faster.

roadblock machine 

Use range:

1. Mainly used for the control of vehicle passages in special places such as customs, border inspection, logistics, ports, prisons, treasury, nuclear power plants, military bases, key government departments, airports, etc.; effectively prevent vehicles from forcibly punching the card, passing vehicles The restriction of traffic order effectively guarantees the safety of main facilities and places.


2. The gates of important units such as state agencies and the military: install lifting anti-riot roadblocks, which can be controlled by electric, remote control or swiping cards to effectively prevent the entry of vehicles from outside units and the intrusion of illegal vehicles.


To sum up

The roadblock machine is a very effective safety device. At the same time, high requirements are put forward for various technical indicators. The above basic requirements must be fully considered and met before it can be regarded as a qualified safety tool.




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