June 25, 2020: JKDC-120C Tripod Turnstile Sent To Malaysia

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Security is one of the most important elements that any serious establishment or organization needs.


Worldwide, there is an increased need for high-security establishments (most especially airports, banks and prisons) to update their security equipment to rise to the high-security threat challenges that are affecting the modern world.


This is why a client from Malaysia contacted us requesting a JKDC-120C Tripod Turnstile to improve their general security.


They informed us that we came highly recommended based on our track record and 18+ years’ experience in manufacturing and supplying security equipment to various institutions and establishments worldwide.


They also informed us that they heard about all our excellent services which include a one-year warranty on our products, affordable prices, fast delivery, 24/7 after-sales service and finally highlighting on our custom design service which they particularly desired.


Upon their contact, we started conversations concerning their needs and requirements; we asked several questions about their security and aesthetic vision and they gave us their answers. 


We concluded our meeting with them informing us of the date they would need their JKDC-120C Tripod Turnstile delivered to them.


As always, we promised to not miss the date- a promise that was definitely fulfilled.


Upon reaching our manufacturing site, we had a brief meeting discussing and highlighting the most important points that must be noted in the manufacturing process. No stone was left unturned.


We also sought to ensure that the finished product provides maximum security to our client’s establishment and also that the JKDC-120C Tripod Turnstile Is very aesthetically pleasing. 

 JKDC-120C Tripod Turnstile

We believe very strongly that these two qualities can work hand in hand all the time. 

We collated all the information received from our clients and started the manufacturing process, ensuring that all their needs and requirements are met. 


Throughout the production process, our clients received a constant update to ensure that they are not in the dark.


We completed manufacturing just in time for delivery on the 25th of June, 2020, and shipped the JKDC-120C Tripod Turnstile to Malaysia for installation. 


Our client’s feedback

Our client absolutely loved their tripod turnstile and they did not mince their words when they gave us a 5-star review rating and even promised to work with us again and again.


Here’s what they had to say:

“We were seeking professional security manufacturer’s suppliers that did not just talk a lot about how good they were but showed it in the quality of their products. JKDC security came highly recommended from their previous clients and we decided to give them a trial; we have absolutely no regrets about this decision. They were excellent throughout; from our first encounter with their representatives to their impeccable customer service and most importantly our JKDC-120C Tripod Turnstile which they manufactured exactly to our desires. We are definitely looking forward to a continuous working relationship”


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