Speed Gates Vs Tripod Turnstiles: Pros And Cons Of Each

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Safety is one of most prioritized agenda of individuals involved in business, as it is important to keep away thieves and trespassers. It will be most disliked by you, having individuals in on what you consider to be restricted, or compromising on business merchandise or information regarded as tender.


Simultaneously, it is expedient to make sure employees who have permission into such places should have no hindrance accessing them, with seamless flow particularly at working hours.


This is the reason for access control system like speed gates and tripod turnstiles. Nevertheless, the above both have their merit and dismerit. Your choice of access control gate should be the one best fitting your needs.


Nevertheless, one important consideration when thinking of boosting the security of your facility is by contacting a highly reputable tripod turnstile manufacturer for the best product.


Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of both systems.


Tripod Turnstile

Areas having high footfall and a proportion of low sensitive access control needs, have their entrance solution to be tripod turnstile since it is among the usual entrance solution.


It is mostly used in places like, stadiums, hotel lobbies, passenger terminals and main building entrance, aside many others. Normally, a tripod turnstile is waist-high and comprises of a horizontal place tripod.

Tripod Turnstile

Using an authorized key card cause the tripod to rotate, which permits the passage of an individual at a time through the gate. However, other turnstile will require the tripod barrier to be pushed using the hand prior to the identification provided. Considering the features and benefits derived from tripod turnstile, you need certified manufacturers to ensure you get the best quality for your purchase.



1. Unless an appropriate authorization has be given, you won't be able to push the button.

2. It only permits the passage of an individual at a go, so as to handle the footfall efficiently.

3. The movement of authorize persons can be monitored, specifically in the building.

4. It can be customized without stress having different control system such as, key cards, smart cards, motion detector, proximity cards (RFID/ NFC), biometric scanners and cameras.



1. Considering the narrowness of a standard tripod turnstile, a separate Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) lane will be needful.

2. Due to the many parts it has, it is likely to encounter mechanical failure.

3.other than the full height a turnsile has to offer, its security is low which can allow Intruders to comfortably jump over.

4 connection of the turnsile cannot be done remotely.

5. The throughout is relatively low as it permits the passage of one person.


Speed Gates

A speed gate is normally comprising of a single or two retractable or movable gates which is made from stainless steel or glass frame. As it offers good access control, minimal inconvenience is experienced as a result of the operating mechanism and design. For this reasons, it is quickly becoming a famous access control system.



1. Since the parts constantly in motion are relatively low, the possibility of experiencing mechanical failure is less.

2. In ares that are highly tender, full-height glass doors can help in ensuring a better security.

3. Agreeing with the DDA rules, gates are normally wider so as to allow the passage of more than one person.

4. The connection can comfortably be done using remote access control systems.

5. Compare to turnstile, the life span of speed gates is  longer.

6. The suitability of areas having high football is due to the relatively higher throughput offered by the operating mechanism.



1. Additional security measures may have to be taken as the designs can easily be jumped over by perpetrators.

2. Compared to tripod, speed speed gates are very expensive.

3. Having remote access systems integrated with it, can also be expensive.

 Tripod Turnstile

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