The basics of food metal detectors

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In order to improve the product safety of food processing and production enterprises, in response to the National Food Hygiene and Safety Law, a metal detection device used in the production process of food processing and production enterprises is called a "food metal detector." It can accurately identify the location of the metal; it can work continuously for a long time without heating or overloading.


Working principle

The working principle of the food metal detector: The core part is carefully developed with leading digital technology and original imported chips. The inside of the detection coil is molded at one time by potting. It has the characteristics of high detection accuracy, stable performance, and strong anti-interference ability.


It can be produced in a variety of frequencies according to product characteristics, and has a product testing data storage function. It can store more than 10 product testing data and has a wide range of applications. Using intelligent recognition technology, it has self-learning and memory functions, can automatically recognize and remember product characteristics, and effectively eliminate the interference caused by various "product effects".

food metal detector 

Product Features

Features of Food Metal Detector: Simple and friendly operation interface, dialogue LCD display, parameters can be set quickly and conveniently through a simple key control interface; it can detect a variety of products containing different product signals (characteristics), and set it at one time It can ensure extremely high detection accuracy without re-adjusting and setting procedures.


Modular component replacement, convenient and quick maintenance. Shockproof and waterproof design, dust proof and water proof function in line with IP-66/IP-65 international certification, anti-vibration and noise absorption, can adapt to harsh working environments. According to the needs of users, various reject devices and lightweight, large packaging special and heavy-duty body designs can be adopted.


With vibration and sound alarm switching function; easy to operate, light and easy to carry, detection sensitivity is extremely high; using imported high-end digital chips, product performance is more stable and durable.


The main purpose

Uses of food metal detectors: mainly used for sauces, sausages, dumplings, ham, soups, candies, preserved foods, salted foods, fast food, food additives, starch, glucose, tobacco, fresh meat, dairy products, etc. industry.

food metal detector 

It is suitable for product detection with strong product effects and other industries that have high requirements for detection sensitivity, anti-interference ability and waterproofing. It is used to detect broken needles, iron wires or lead, copper, Various metals such as aluminum, tin, and stainless steel.


It can detect broken needles on thin and small products such as knitting, clothing, socks, quilts, leather, shoe materials, etc., and can quickly and accurately find broken iron needles. It can be used to inspect ferromagnetic impurities in clothing accessories such as hardware buttons. It can detect ferromagnetic substances in medicines, foods, chemical raw materials, etc. Check whether harmful iron filings have penetrated inside.


JKDC-500QD is a food metal detector for the industry. Metal detectors used in food, coffee, tea, textiles, medicines and toys. The appearance is beautiful, the weight of the machine is light, and the quality of the ABS shell is adopted: equipped with automatic alarm and automatic return equipment: strong anti-magnetic interference ability, high reliability and sensitivity.If you are interested, you can go to our website to find out.




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