6 Zones Walk Through Metal Detector with High Quality and Lowest Price 6 Zones Walk Through Metal Detector with High Quality and Lowest Price

It is economical, practical and beautiful appearance, it can exactly detect the location of metals that walk through person takes. Mainly for factory and exhibition areas indoors check. such as hardware and Electronic manufacturer to check if the person steal the metals. Especially used in entertainment such as KTV, Bar, Skating Rink.

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  • Six interlaced detection regions of the same high with the body and combinin

  • Without side light

  • Four pairs of infraced emission and the receiver to prevent detection blind spot

  • LED array panel on the operation board display the area of metal detected

  • Sensitivity of every area can be adjusted independently from 0-99,getting rid of in terference of scheduled metal

  • Strong anti-interference: digital and analog circuit design to prevent wrong alarm

  • Password protection function: just allowing authorized personnel to operate equipment in order to insure security

  • Function of several detection doors work in the same location at the same time, the minimum distance between each door must be more than 40 centimeter

  • Economical and practical, cheap price.


Product Name
6 Zones Walk Through Metal Detector

Model Number


Alarm way

Audio Alert, and LED Location lamp work at same time

Display ways

8 status led display

Tunnel Size 200(L)*70(W)*40(H)cm


0-99 adjustable

Pass Rate

 >40 people/min



Power wastage




Package Size 
Main Body230*72*25cm(2 piece /carton)
Host Machine78*47*28cm(1 piece/carton)
Net Weight51.5kg/set
Gross Weight71kg/set


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