Comprehensive all-round food all-metal detector Comprehensive all-round food all-metal detector

JKDC-F500QG comprehensive all-metal detector is mainly used in industries that have higher requirements for sensitivity. It is used to detect broken needles, iron wires or lead, copper, aluminum, tin, stainless steel, etc. that are mixed or lost in raw materials or products. It can also be used to detect metal objects in food, medicine and toys.

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 1. Can detect aluminum foil film packaging food.

2. The detection sensitivity is high, can be adjusted individually, and the operation is simple.

3. The detection accuracy exceeds the corresponding detection indicators of the HACCP system.

4. Conveyor and tray components used for white non-toxic materials, in line with US "FDA" standards

5. Adopt double loop design.

6. Double-loop nested matching to realize automatic detection pipeline.

7. Monitor the use of sound and light alarms, automatically exclude or close them,

The operation is extremely reliable and user-friendly.

8. The machine is made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean

(May choose stainless steel materials according to the requirements of ordinary customers to reduce costs).

9. Conveyor and tray components are used for white non-toxic materials that meet the US "FDA" standard.





Product NameFood Metal Detector

Model Number


General specification

Detection width
45-80 cm(Customized)
Detection height
Sensitivity adjustable
0-10 Level
Detection sensitivity

1.5mm iron ball ,

2.5 Stainless steel

Display mode

5.5-7 inch color LCD display

Transfer speed40 meter / mins
Power100-265VAC , 50-60Hz

(150-170)(L) * (80-90)(W) * (85-120)cm(H)

 (Demand can be made)

Package Size
Gross Weight200-230KG


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