Standard Hydraulic Roadblock Machine Standard Hydraulic Roadblock Machine

The JKDC-101B automatic hydraulic roadblocking machine adopts a new design structure, the high channel steel frame is densely lined, the structure is compact, the material is thick, and the compression and collision resistance performance is greatly improved.

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  • The appearance is atmospheric and powerful.

  • Split hydraulic design is convenient for ground maintenance operations.

  • The unique hydraulic buffer technology at the lifting end ensures smooth operation and low noise. The structure is sturdy and durable, the carrying capacity is large, and it can adapt to various working environments.

  • The PLC system control box is adopted, which is stable, reliable and easy to integrate.

  • It can be linked with obstacles, ground sensing, infrared, speed radar and other systems to realize intelligent control.

  • In the state of power failure, the roadblock supports manual lifting.

  • The control system complies with the GA/T1343-2016 standard. Anti-collision level: K12

  • The panel is formed in one piece, no welding process, beautiful, strong and anti-collision.

  • The surface is treated with marine paint and anti-rust paint, and high-gloss reflective stickers are used at the same time, which plays a beautiful warning role.

  • Optional LED warning light, the night warning effect is more obvious and beautiful.


Product NameLight Hydraulic Roadblocker

Model Number


Material A3 steel

Rising time 

  1~5S(can be set)

          Dropping time                       1~5S(can be set)

Barrier height


Spike specifications


Embedded depth

Device height + panel thickness

Panel thickness20mm
Spikesφ30mm*90mm (Optional)
LED remote control distance30,2.4GHZ remote control
          Bearing capacity
       LED warning light              RGB,various dynamic mode
   Remote control distance                                  100m


Spray paint(Outdoor use)

  drainEffective drainage at the bottom of the fuselage


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