2019 Annual Meeting Summary of JKDC Security

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The 2019 JKDC Security Annual Meeting Summary was held at the January 2-3 at the company in Shenzhen city.

JKDC Security over the past year has been devoted to building a world-class brand, and continuously provides high quality and high cost-effective products. besides, JKDC Security spends heavily to build a new official website, strengthen the brand propaganda, enhance the brand image.JKDC Security is currently made up of more than 80 passionate and enthusiastic professionals who work on anticipating and meeting all of your needs.so the result has been a steady growth in the size of the company's Exports and an increase in cooperation with a lot of traders in 2019.

We were very pleased to have a party time in the new year and celebrate the successful results & hard work of company employees over the past year.

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The Annual Meeting is a great place to present the company culture, such as pursue professional & efficient security solutions, a high reputation, and working environment-friendly. In addition, the employees of the company can propose their creative & sincere advice in the company's development of the coming year in the Annual Meeting. It is also worth that JKDC Security has made particular influences to keep its design team & management progress in the future. 

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At last, we look forward to working with you all in the coming year to create a new project and support professional service for you, and build stable cooperation with each other.


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