JKDC Security Ended the Exhibition Trip in Dubai Intersec 2016

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JKDC Security is the best supplier of security equipment and the most experienced with thousands of stable projects in this industry.JKDC Security ended its pleasant trip to the world's leading trade fair for Security, Safety and Fire Protection. It was held on 17th - 19th in January. With anticipation and enthusiasm to prepared for a long time, we finally attended the exhibition and communicated with many customers face to face. During the exhibition time, many foreign customers stopped at our booth and inquired about Full Height Turnstile. As a professional Full Height Turnstile manufacturer, JKDC Security always pursues high quality and cost-effective security solutions for our customers.

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The DUBAI INTERSEC --- Dubai Intersec is the world's leading trade fair for security, safety, and fire protection. Attracting over 27,300 visitors, it is the most popular platform for security industry professionals in the MENA region.

During the exhibition time, we knew so many people from all over the world and many of them are quite interested in our product, such as X-Ray Babbage Scanner, Full Height Turnstile, Walkthrough Metal Detector, Rising Bollard. Those Products have attracted the attention of people, and build a partnership soon.   

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JKDC Security is a professional Full Height Turnstile manufacturer with Years of experience, support one-stop security solution, fastest delivery, OEM and ODM, One year warranty, Custom design,7/24 online after-sales service, etc.

JKDC Security manufacturers in today's economic development globalization need to keep pursuing excellence, continuous innovation and progressive in this industry, we sincerely welcome more and more people who know about us and cooperate with each other.


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