Everything You Need To Know About Tyre Killer

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What is Tyre Killer?

 Tyre killers are a simple but highly effective solution to control one way traffic, ideally suited for approach highly secured entrances such as banks, military installations, airports, docks, cash collection, depots, government offices etc.

The tyre killer teeth retract below ground level when a vehicle is approaching and access control unit providing safe access or authorized vehicles.

If a vehicle attempts to break through, its tyres will be destroyed. All vehicles can drive over the lowered tyre killer.

When the vehicle has passed, the teeth return to the active position, ensuring total protection from unauthorized vehicle intrusion from the wrong side.

Our range of tyre killers are manually controlled and therefore as easy installed and deinstalled as speed bumps, simply screw them on the concrete/tarmac floor when needed.

Tyre Killer

What Are The Types of Tyre Killers?

Tyre killer Defender

Tyre spikes Round Spikes

Tyre spikes Arm Spikes

Tyre spikes Flat Spikes

Tyre spikes Triangle Spikes

Why You Should Install Tyre Killers at Your Parking Lot ?

Tyre killers are basically spike barriers that operate on the principles of hydraulics. These are especially useful in places which demand high security and round-the-clock surveillance. Hydraulic tyre killers are usually put at entrance & exit points of a property and are made up of heavy duty spikes that rise from the ground.

A hydraulic tyre killer is especially a useful addition after the exit points of a parking lot. Consider a scenario where a thief breaks into a car parked at a parking lot. Now the thief doesn’t have the parking receipt which one needs to show to the exit booth employee in order to leave the premises. In such a situation, the thief will try to smash the automatic boom barrier and if successful, will be able to leave the property with the stolen car. However, if the parking lot owner has a hydraulic tyre killer installed after the exit point, the employee can simply press the button as soon as the thief crosses the exit point which will immediately raise the spike barriers and (a) make the thief stop the car before it reaches the tyre killer or (b) slash the car tyres if the thief doesn’t stop and thus, preventing the theft of the vehicle.

 Tyre Killer

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