What Are Uses and Benefits of Turnstile

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Turnstiles are often used for counting the numbers of people passing through a gate, even when payment is not involved. They are used extensively in this manner in amusement parks, in order to keep track of how many people enter and exit the park and ride each ride.


Uses of turnstile

Entrance Control

Entrance turnstiles are often used at facilities and venues to control both who is able to enter and when they can enter. Installing access control systems with entrance turnstiles allows a company to control entry into their facility autonomously and efficiently. Sports venues, fulfillment centers, warehouses, and more all use turnstile access control systems to ensure that entrances are controlled.



Turnstile access control systems are often installed at facilities and venues to enhance security. They can be configured to restrict access only to people with proper credentials (like a pass, keycard, or fob) and will stay locked until the proper credentials are presented. Certain types of turnstiles, like full height turnstiles, provide added security with their floor-to-ceiling construction, making them virtually impenetrable. These models are used for high-risk/high-security applications like at data centers, prisons, construction sites, and high-profile government and military facilities.


Attendance Counting

Turnstiles can also be used to count admissions into and out of a venue. Many amusement parks, sports venues, and corporations use entrance turnstiles and exit turnstiles with counters to get accurate measurements of how many people are in their facilities, when peak traffic is, and whether or not there are still people in their facilities. Installing a turnstile access control system with counters provides valuable information on people traffic flow and peak times.


Payment Enforcement

Turnstiles are also commonly used to enforce payment at venues. Any venue that requires tickets or payment upon entry can benefit from using a turnstile to enforce authorized entry. Amusement parks, sports venues, public transportation terminals, and more all benefit from the autonomous payment enforcement of a turnstile access control system. Most venues use entrance turnstiles fitted with card readers to scan tickets and determine if a person should be granted access. If presented with a valid ticket, the turnstile unlocks and grants only that single person admittance.

Uses of turnstile

Benefits of turnstile

Enhanced Security

Turnstile access control systems inherently increase security. They allow only authorized personnel entrance into facilities and act as a  tough-to-breach barrier to would-be unauthorized entrants. By simply employing an entrance turnstile at your facility you can elevate your security and deter unwanted entrants almost entirely autonomously.


Visual Deterrent

Turnstiles, especially full height turnstiles, also act as a visual deterrent to would-be threats. The large steel construction and sheer size of most turnstiles deter most criminals before they even make a plan to gain unauthorized entry in the first place. Just like having a guard dog, having a turnstile deters many criminals and threats even before they become threats.


Efficient Throughput

Installing a turnstile access control system allows the efficient entrance and exit into and out of a facility. This is because entrants can simply present their credentials (whether it be a key fob, access pass, or ID card) to a turnstile and gain access. Without entrance turnstiles, people must be manually checked for credentials by an attendant, which takes a much longer time than using turnstiles. This efficient throughput achieved by using a turnstile access control system also ensures that there is no traffic or backups at access points.


Minimized Expenses

Using a turnstile access control system saves you money in the long run. These systems can run completely autonomously, making it so you no longer need to employ staff at entrances to check people in or verify their eligibility to enter. They also make it much harder for people to sneak into venues without paying, allowing you to minimize losses and increase your bottom line. By substantially lowering labor cost and losses from unauthorized entry it is easy to see how a turnstile access control system can minimize expenses and save you money in the long run.


Increased Analysis

Turnstiles are often fitted with counters that keep track of how many users enter a facility and when. This information is vital for a company’s analytical team. With this information, a company can derive when their peak traffic is, how many people use their facilities daily, along with other traffic trends. A company can never have too much information and this admittance analysis proves to be some of the most important information for amusement parks, subway stations, and more.

Benefits of turnstile

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