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Come and visit this high performance bollard! Look for a high performance bollard products: you know you need to come herehttps://www.securityjkdc.com/news/what-should-we-pay-attention-to-bollard-installation.html Right! Come and find more choices about the bollard products. It is the rising bollards designed for controlling vehicles force entry in sensitive areas. It has highest practicability, reliability and safety. Multi-configuration provided for various customer choices.

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Look at the above picture. This bollard offers optimal visual comfort through glare control by utilizing controlled optics designed by the professional bollard online store. These bollards have a square design providing a unique wide light distribution offering an architecturally appealing clover leaf pattern on the paving. These bollards have been customized for different users’ requests Durable, Overload, Operate Smoothly, Low Noise, and Fast speed up & down. Remote control system realizes wireless control up &down within 30 meters range. Micro-control technology makes bollards work stable and reliable, easy integrate to other systems. Compatible with road barrier, turnstiles and other access system control to achieve automatic control, this bollard product will be a perfect choice for ensuring the traffic security. Designed with advanced hydraulic pressure technologies and manual control hydraulic system devices The bollards are Suitable for pedestrian areas, precincts, building surrounds, shopping centers, squares and parks. The bollard comes standard with a unique waterproof internal driver housing compartment that is situated at the top of the pole to stop water and dust from entering the electrical components. This fixture is supplied completely wired with power cord and waterproof gland from driver enclosure to the base of the bollard to ensure quick, trouble-free installation.   Custom bollard heights are available along with reduced custom wattages to suit customer requirements. You can come and visit our online store and buy a high quality product.


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