What Material Can Be Used to Make a Rising Bollard?

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Rising bollard is a device that controls the passage of vehicles. By restricting passing vehicles, it effectively guarantees the traffic order, that is, the safety of major facilities and places. It can be used in conjunction with barrier control systems, etc., or can be used alone.

Rising bollards


Cast iron

Cast iron is the most common material from which traditionally-styled bollards are constructed. It is durable and is a well-loved traditional material for ornamentation and enhancement to architecture, which makes it a top choice for many applications. Cast iron is heavy enough to be used in standalone applications, or can be used as a cover for steel-and-concrete security posts. Standard cast iron is not as malleable as ductile iron and is more susceptible to cracking, but provides cost advantages.


Ductile iron

Materials engineering provides us with this iron alloy that looks similar to cast iron but is more flexible and elastic. Ductile iron, also known as spheroidal graphite iron, contains a higher percentage of carbon than cast iron. The spherical shape of that carbon makes the metal more resistant to cracking. The malleability of ductile iron allows for freedom in design, allowing for detailed ornamentation. Ductile iron is also less likely to shatter on impact, thereby preventing pieces of bollards and post covers from becoming dangerous projectiles or shrapnel. This makes it a preferred choice for security bollard covers.



Steel is an iron alloy that is lighter and more impact resistant than cast or ductile iron. Structural grade steel is often used in security applications and filled with concrete. Standard steel is common in decorative modern bollard styles for standalone applications, or as a covers over security pipe. Usually, steel is machined from prefabricated materials, rather than cast. If steel is going to be exposed, it is usually powder coated to make it durable and protect against corrosion.



Concrete can be used in conjunction with steel pipe bollards or embedded rebar to create impact-resistant security installations. It can be formed on its own to create attractive designs appropriate to certain architectural styles. Whether or not it is installed to be impact protective, concrete’s imposing profile and inherent weight make it a clear guide to traffic.



Aluminum is lightweight and malleable, making it a good choice in the design of removable, decorative bollards. If dented or scratched, the oxidization of aluminum usually leads to speckling in a similar shade, which is less noticeable than the high-contrast red rust that can develop on iron or standard steel. Aluminum is easy to cast and machine finish. Different levels of durability and hardness are achievable depending on the heat treatment used in production.



Polyurethane is a polymer composite that makes a flexible bollard that is durable, UV resistant, and maintains integrity even in variable weather conditions. Poly bollards are usually installed when function and cost take priority over architectural style. Polyurethane is often seen in parking lots, along medians, and can be used for delimiting lanes. Polyurethane is shatterproof and comes in eye-catching colors, as well as dark shade for architectural applications. It is often accented with reflective tape for maximum visibility in all conditions.



Stand-alone polyethylene bollards are usually found in construction and parking applications as a low-cost and low-maintenance option. Bollard covers are where plastic's merits really shine.  Unlike polyurethane, plastic is inflexible and can shatter on impact, but because of its malleability it can create the same visual effect when covering security or impact-resistant pipe. Black plastic covers can also be made in traditional architectural styles, for security posts that need some architectural flair at a lower cost than metal allows. Plastic is UV resistant and durable.



Rising bollards are suitable for emergency, limited and authorized vehicle entrances, such as used in pedestrian, residential, commercial, industrial, government, etc. They are available in a variety of types, height, width and thickness upon request. After 18 years' development, JKDC SECURITY have built a high reputation in Chinese security industry, also we have got many faithful friends as well as customers all over the world. If you are looking for a reliable merchandise of rising bollards, please contact us now!


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