X-Ray Baggage Scanner Selection Precautions And Daily Maintenance

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An X-ray baggage scanner is used in places that require high security such as airports to scan luggage that may be carrying harmful or prohibited materials.


When the luggage to be scanned passes through the X-ray baggage scanner, the X-ray scanner displays the goods with a different colour to allow security inspectors to distinguish unwanted materials.

 X-ray baggage scanner

This is why only top quality X-ray baggage scanners must be purchased from the most reliable manufacturer.


Some precautions must be taken in the use of the x-ray baggage scanner, they include:


1. Choosing the best quality baggage scanner


Choosing a good security inspection product will provide more security when it comes to product quality control as well as services after-sales


Generally, there are obvious advantages such as long service life, low failure rate, and fewer after-sales.


2. The motor of the security X-ray baggage scanner

The engine of the security check X-ray baggage scanner remains the major component, and it is involved in major functioning of the entire machine.


Choosing a sound security check machine first depends on the brand of its motor as well as service life.


3. The post-sales service of the x-ray baggage scanner manufacturers is another aspect to assure buyers:


Post-sales service is a critical aspect of the entire sales process. The very first thing any good security check machine manufacturer must do properly is their post-sales service.


The daily general inspection of the security X-ray baggage scanner has the following points.


1. Use the universal meter AC measurement file, check that the power supply voltage should be within 220±10%, and check whether the power supply has a ground wire.


2. Check whether the lead curtains at both ends of the channel are intact


3. Check whether the operation buttons are intact


Installation and inspection of security X-ray baggage scanner 


1. Use a multimeter to check if the security X-ray machine is grounded and short-circuited


2. Check whether the screws in the channel are installed properly and whether there is debris under the conveyor belt or the channel


3. Press the power button of the host, when the power indicator of the host is on, turn the power key switch, and now the system is powered on


Then check if the green light of the work indicator is on, the display shows if the machine has started.


4. During the security check, to see whether the screen of the security X-ray baggage scanner is in the normal use state, press the simple view or back button on the operating table.


The motor drives the conveyor belt to run, and the system can enter the normal working state



5. The working position of the security inspection X-ray baggage scanner cannot be moved frequently, and the cable part of the equipment should be adjusted to a position that is not easy to touch and protected


Security inspection X-ray baggage scanner maintenance common sense 


The following items should be paid attention to during the maintenance of the security inspection X-ray baggage scanner:


1. During the maintenance process, no foreign matter such as water droplets can enter the equipment to avoid damage to the equipment and safety accidents


2. There are a large number of electrical appliances with a working voltage of 220V in the equipment, and ordinary maintenance and repair must be performed after the power is off.


3. There are a large number of precision electronic components in the equipment, and preparations should be made to prevent static electricity from damaging the components before maintenance


4. Before powering on the equipment, check carefully to confirm that the wiring is correct.


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