Understanding And Choosing The Best Walk Through Metal Detectors

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Metal detectors are electronic instruments that are used to detect the presence of nearby metals. 


They are popularly used to search for and find metal objects buried underground or metal inclusions within other items.


Metal detectors consist of a sensor probe and a hand-held unit and can be swept over objects or the ground.


As the sweeping occurs, if the sensor moves close to a metal piece, it indicates a moving needle or by changing its tone.


Walk through metal detectors, are a special type of metal detector used for security screening in places that require high-security levels.

 walk through metal detector

They detect any hidden metal weapons an individual might be carrying. 


In the purchase of a walk through metal detector, it is very important to identify the purpose and the security threat level of the area in which the metal detector will be used. 


Identifying these is essential. This knowledge will serve as a guide in choosing the best walk through metal detector for specific needs.


Another essential choice that must be made is choosing a high-quality walk-through metal detector that has been manufactured by a very reliable manufacturing company.


The place of purchase of a metal detector very important to limit all security breaches  


Walk-through metal detectors often fall into two major categories.


· Single-zone detection walk through metal detectors (e.g., Garrett Magnascanner MS 3500 and Garrett Mangnascanner CS 5000) 


· Multi-zone detection walk through metal detectors (e.g., Fisher M-Scope portable walk-through metal detector, Garrett PD6500i. Garrett Magnascanner MT 5500,) 


The major difference between the two is that a multi-zone metal detector is designed to detect their metal targets' location.


The multi-zone metal detector will identify if the target metal is located on the individual's right or left side.


A single zone metal detector would not perform this function. 


Where are walk through metal detectors commonly used?

As stated above, they are commonly used in places like prisons and airports. Still, it has been observed that in recent times, they're used in many more locations such as night clubs, public and private schools, sporting events, nuclear facilities, manufacturing facilities, historical landmarks, arenas, concerts, warehouses, transportation terminals, and any place that loss of life or property needs to be prevented.


As seen, walk through metal detectors have become an essential needs in many locations across the globe.


Setting up and operating a walk-through metal detector.


Most modern or newer designs of walk through metal detectors seem very easy to operate; the units often come with an instructional video or a complete user manual or both.


Some walk through metal detectors even come with more advanced features such as identifying the specific metal object that is being searched for or even choosing the specific location the metal detector can operate. 


Walk through metal detectors can also come in different sensitivity levels depending on the user's needs and requirements; this is another way they are utilized to detect certain metal objects. 


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