Anti-terrorism Hydraulic Rising Bollards Anti-terrorism Hydraulic Rising Bollards

The JKDC-102Y anti-terrorism hydraulic lifting column passed the riot lifting roadblock GA/T1343-2016 of the Ministry of Public Security and obtained the inspection report.

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The Automatic Rising Bollards can be interfaced to any access control systems. Traffic Light System included as standard on all automatic bollard systems.

  • Passed the Ministry of Public Security's anti-riot removal roadblock GA/T1343-2016 real vehicle collision detection and obtained inspection report

  • It adopts hydraulic integrated submersible power unit, which is resistant to low temperature in winter, effective heat dissipation in summer, and more stable performance.

  • The movement has passed the international SGS IP68 protection level certification, with strong waterproof performance.

  • The lifting speed is fast, ascending for 3 seconds and descending for 2.5 seconds.

  • The piston rod adopts QPQ salt bath nitriding treatment, which effectively reduces the friction coefficient and has strong hardness and anti-rust ability.

  • The internal structure, columns, flanges, and hardware are all made of stainless steel.

  • The flange groove design is beautiful and non-slip.

  • The control box adopts PLC control system, the control system can be encrypted, safe and stable.

  • Standard LED light touch-type remote control, 2.4G effective distance of 30 meters. Support the touch switch of colorful, saturation, brightness and light mode. LED lights can be set freely according to time.

  • The control box has a higher level of security and fire-fighting linkage signals to meet the needs of security and fire-fighting.

  • Anti-electric strength, insulation resistance, leakage current, electrostatic discharge immunity, electrical fast transient pulse group immunity, surge immunity, warning signs, lifting performance, and corrosion resistance are all in line with GA/T1343-2016 standards.


Product Name
Anti-terrorism hydraulic  Rising Bollards

Model Number

Material National standard 304 stainless steel

Bollard dia. (mm) 

Thickness size 12mm

Protection level


Bollard rising height

600mm ( can be customized with additional cost)




Passing pressure

Can pass container trucks under 120 tons

Fall time

2S( can be customized)

Rising Time

3S( can be customized)

  Working temperature

-35 degree-75 degree( suitable)

  System control

Electro-hydraulic drive


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