Enhanced Automatic Rising Bollards Enhanced Automatic Rising Bollards

The JKDC-102S fully automatic reinforced hydraulic lifting column has a novel structure design and uses higher-grade materials to take into account stability, consistency, and appreciation. Incorporating big data and Internet of Things technology, applications are more intelligent.

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Automatic Rising Bollards/Hydraulic road blocker/barricade series are widely used in highway tool station, checkpoints, prisons, airports, government agencies, embassies, military base-station, custom ports, banks, industrial and mining companies, ports, warehouse, parking and all requests to control vehicle in and out restrict traffic places.

  • It adopts hydraulic integrated submersible power unit, low temperature resistance in winter, effective heat dissipation in summer, and more stable performance. Optional heating function, no fear of severe cold.

  • The lifting speed is fast, ascending for 3 seconds and descending for 2.5 seconds.

  • The movement has passed the international SGS IP68 protection level certification, with strong waterproof performance.

  • The piston rod adopts QPQ salt bath nitriding treatment, which effectively reduces the friction coefficient and has strong hardness and anti-rust ability.

  • The internal structure, columns, flanges, and hardware are all made of stainless steel.

  • The flange groove design is beautiful and non-slip.

  • The control box adopts PLC control system, which is safe and stable.

  • The control system can be encrypted and supports the trial period setting.

  • Standard LED light touch-type remote control, 2.4G effective distance of 30 meters. Support the touch switch of colorful, saturation, brightness and light mode.

  • The LED light can be set freely according to the time, support daylight and daylight shutdown; at the same time, it supports turning on when rising and turning off when falling.

  • The control box has a higher level of security and fire-fighting linkage signals to meet the needs of security and fire-fighting.

  • The anti-electric strength, insulation resistance, leakage current, electrostatic discharge immunity, electrical fast transient pulse group immunity, and surge immunity are all in line with GA/T1343-2016 standards.

  • Reliability, warning signs, lifting performance, and anti-corrosion performance meet the GA/T1343-2016 standard.

  • After the control system is hoisted in place, it has a shielding function to prevent the motor from idling and increase the service life of the product.


Product Name
Enhanced automatic Rising Bollards

Model Number

Material National standard 304 stainless steel

Bollard dia. (mm) 

Thickness size 6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/14mm

Protection level


Bollard rising height

600mm ( can be customized with additional cost)

LED warning lightStandard
Power Supply



Passing pressure

Can pass container trucks under 80 tons

Fall time

2.5S( can be customized)

Rising Time

3S( can be customized)

  Working temperature

-35 degree-75 degree( suitable)

 System control

Electro-hydraulic drive


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