Parcel Cargo Inspection Airport X Ray Scanner 8065 Tunnel Size Parcel Cargo Inspection Airport X Ray Scanner 8065 Tunnel Size

X-Ray Baggage Scanner , the object can be found within the metal structure, can display the naked eye can not see where the liquid is also very obvious object display. Used in the factory testing of security products and business units such as: electronic factories, shoe factories, toy factories, courts, railway stations, and event bag, line security management package.

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  • Alarm by sounds + light  Alarm by sounds and light when conform to condition..

  • Network interface  Could be connect local area network and support multi-terminal check baggage at same times

  • Safety ray  Transmit ray under automatic control, avoids the missing

  • Turn off by a key control  Turn off the machine only need one step  revolves the key. The equipment automatic security close-down, does not need complex many steps, is simpler.

  • Eagle-eye  Could be expediently observing enlargement area.

  • Estimate malfunction by self  Automatic estimate malfunction and prompt message, helpful for the maintenance


Product NameX-ray inspection machine

Model Number


Sound and light alarms

Network Interface

Can connect local area networks, multiple terminals can check luggage’s at the same time


Ray fired automatic control, to avoid misusing launching

One shutdown

    control button

You just need to rotate the key and the equipment will automatic power off safely, no need for complex multi-step operation, more convenient and simpler.

Eagle Eye

Current region can be reviewed convent in enlarged status

Fault self-diagnosis

Automatically determine the failure and give prompt information, easy to maintain


Tunnel Size

800 (wide) × 650 (high) mm

Conveyor speed

0.22 m / s

Conveyor Max load

200kg belt

Single inspection dosage<1.5μGy
Wire Resolution0.0787mm Copper Wire
Steel Penetration40mm armor plate
Film safetyFor ISO1600
Maximum leakage radiation<0.1µGy/h

X-ray generator



Tube current

0.4 ~ 1.2mA (adjustable)

Anode voltage

100 ~ 160 kV (adjustable)

Generator Angle80 °
Cooling / Duty CycleOil Cooling / 100%

Package Size
Package Size200*120*175cm
Net Weight450KG
Gross Weight525KG


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