Security X Ray Parcel Inspection Scanner 8065A For Hotel,school Security X Ray Parcel Inspection Scanner 8065A For Hotel,school

X-Ray Baggage Scanner , the object can be found within the metal structure, can display the naked eye can not see where the liquid is also very obvious object display. Used in the factory testing of security products and business units such as: electronic factories, shoe factories, toy factories, courts, railway stations, and event bag, line security management package.

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Technical advantages

  • Adopt the hardware scheme of the all-digital image processing system.

  • Software image processing is improved from 12-bit precision to 16-bit precision imaging solution.

  • Adopt network port transmission technology to improve the speed of information transmission.

  • Use 19-inch LCD screen display, with mouse and keyboard spare.

  • Fault self-diagnosis: automatically judge the fault and give prompt information for easy maintenance

  • Full screen large screen: The device imaging defaults to full screen large screen display, the image is more vivid and delicate

  • True color imaging: the image adopts true color imaging, the effect is obvious and easy to distinguish

  • One-key power-on and shutdown control: power on and press the start button to automatically start, only one action when shutting down-press the start button, the device will automatically shut down safely, without complicated multi-step operations, more convenient and concise

  • Window mode: When the display pops up to the system interface, there will be no white screen, press to restore or the package will display normally

Processing Feature

  • Color image display: high-definition images, clear outlines, strong three-dimensional sense, clean and lifelike physical imaging surfaces, using 24-bit true color images.

  • Edge enhancement: the edge of the object contour is clearer

  • Super image enhancement: image details are clearer

  • High penetration display: Improve the brightness of the dark area in the image, so that the objects hidden behind the high absorption material are clearly displayed.

  • Low-penetration display: improve the contrast of objects with low absorption rate (easy to penetrate), and make easy-to-penetrate objects clearer

  • Magnifying glass: partial magnification function

  • Image pull back: display the first 20 images, and any image processing can be performed on the pulled back image

  • Image restoration: the image display is restored to the original state where the belt stopped rotating

  • Image storage: any image can be saved in real time, and any image processing can be performed, and continuous work can be saved


Product NameX-ray inspection machine

Model Number


General Specifiction

Tunnel Size

800 (W) × 650 (H) mm

Conveyor speed

0.2m / s

Conveyor Max load

200kg(Evenly distributed)

Dose per Inspection<1.0μGy
Wire Resolution

40AWG Φ0.0787mm Metal Wire

Through resolution 


Steel Penetration14mm 
Film safetyFor ISO1600
Maximum leakage radiation<1.0µGy/h(at a distance of 5cm  from frame house)
Image system
Image processing 24bit for processing real-time 
Image grey level 4096 
Image max resolution1024*1280 pixel 
Image storage Storage 60000 pictures in real-time 
High-energy/low energySwitch from high energy to low energy
Single-energetic distinguish objects

Organic objects in orange

Inorganic objects in blue

Mixture in green

Zones & Zoom1-9 Image regions, 2,4,8,16 Times Enlarge, Whole screen continuous observation

X-ray generator


 Downward( from bottom to top)

Tube current

0.6 mA

Anode voltage

80 kV (adjustable)

Generator Angle80 degree
Cooling / Duty CycleOil Cooling / 100%

Package Size
Package Size200*120*175cm
Net Weight450KG
Gross Weight525KG


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