X-Ray Baggage Scanner Was Sent To Saudi Arabia

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It won’t be a surprise that the rate of crime is on the increase across all countries and continents of the world.


For this reason, corporate organizations, private firms, and even individuals are working ceaselessly to ensure that their lives and other valuable properties are kept safe from intruders.


As sad and unfortunate as this may be, it is the blunt truth.  And to ensure that these increasing sad occurrences are checked properly and brought to the barest minimum if not to a zero level, manufacturers of various security gadgets are working tirelessly to ensure that they play their part in ensuring that the world gets better and safer for all to live in.


And talking about various security gadgets manufacturers, we at JKDC Security Co., Limited have been a trusted partner to various clients and organizations across the world for the past 18 years.


And as part of our wealth of experience, we have remained a trusted supplier and manufacturer of different types of security and scanning gadgets for our teeming clients and customers across the globe.


The reason why we enjoy seamlessly patronage as the supplier of an X-ray baggage scanner to many of our client is in part due to our commitment to the use of first class raw materials in our manufacturing process.


Besides the use of the best materials, we also adopt cutting edge technology that gives all our product the required precision and accuracy whenever the need for a security check arises.


These and more are some of the reasons why we are the leading supplier of walk through metal detectors and X-ray baggage scanners.

 X-ray baggage scanners

Evident to the high level of patronage which we enjoy from our global clients, one of our latest business transaction was with one of our client in Saudi Arabia. Our Saudi Arabian client has been our loyal client for a couple of years, and they are always glad to partner with us for the supply of various security equipment and gadgets.


Recently, our Saudi Arabian client contacts us for the supplier of our first-class walkthrough and X-ray baggage scanner to them in Saudi Arabia. While there seem to be some hitches with the exact specifications that will match our Saudi Arabian client's needs, our team of engineers was proactive and proficient in dealing with the hitches professionally.


Within a few weeks after the deal for the supply of the said X-ray baggage scanner and walk through metal detectors by our client was signed and seal, we were able to manufacture a first-grade walk through metal detector and X-ray baggage scanner for our client.


Just as it was agreed upon about the shipping time, the said security gadgets, which included; X-Ray Baggage Scanner JKDC-5030A,  X-Ray Baggage Scanner JKDC-10080A, and a Walk Through Metal Detector JKDC-500C were shipped to our client in Saudi Arabia on July 15, 2020.

 shipped to our client in Saudi Arabia

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At JKDC Security Co., Limited pride in our 18 years of experience as a professional manufacturer of various security gadgets such as, X-Ray baggage scanner,walk through metal detector, and turnstiles.


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