Dual X-ray Generator Airport X Ray Baggage Scanner 10080D Dual X-ray Generator Airport X Ray Baggage Scanner 10080D

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  1. Infrared energy-saving system, the conveyor belt automatically runs with packages, and the conveyor belt stops automatically after 20 seconds without packages.

  2. High-definition image, clean background, clear outline, strong three-dimensional effect, clean and realistic surface of the physical image, using 24-bit true color image.Low noise ≤55db, lowpower consumption ≤0.65KW.

  3. The low-channel security check package is more convenient to use.

  4. Full-screen imaging, large screen, full-screen no dead ends, no distortion of graphics.

  5. Using dual-light source and dual-scanner technology, the package images are fully inspected to prevent missing inspections due to overlapping items.

  6. X-ray opening timing: The X-ray opening device will automatically time and display the opening time on the main interface.Magnification display: The maximum display magnification is 32 times.


Product Name
 Dual X-Ray Generator, Dual View X-Ray Security Inspection System
Model NumberJKDC-10080D

General specification

Tunnel Size


Conveyor Speed


Conveyor Max Load

250kg(Evenly distributed)

X ray leakage 

less than 1 μGy/h

Spatial resolution


Vertical: dia1.0mm

X ray dose per each inspection

less than 5 μGy

Penetration 43mm Stell
Film SafetyGuarantee ISO1600 Film
Monitor 19 inch
Operation temperature/Humidity0°C-45°C/20%-95%(non-condensing)
Storage Temperature/Humidity -20°C-60°C/20%-95%(non-condensing )
Operation Power220VAC(±10%)50±3Hz
Power Consumptionless than 1KW

Image system

X-ray sensor

L-shaped photodiode array detector , 16-bit depth


High-Resolution Color, LCD Accord, 19 inch

Image Processing

Edge enhancement, image strengthening, image lightening,  reducing darkening,

image returning, image retrieval

Image grey level


Image max resolution

1024*1280 pixel

image processing

24bit for processing real-time

image storage

Storage 10000 pictures in real-time

X-ray generator

Generate direct

beam from side & beam from top to bottom

Anode Anger

80 degree

Anode voltage


Anode power


Cooling / Duty Cycle

Oil Cooling /100%


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