Walk Through Infrared Body Temperature Security Door Walk Through Infrared Body Temperature Security Door

Temperature Measure Walk Through Detector is a special type of equipment, can quickly screen human body temperature in crowded places. It is specially used in prisons, detention centers, docks, stations, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, stadiums, hotels, entry-exit ports, ports, airports, entertainment venues and factories, etc.

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  • Accuracy: ± 0.1 ° C. 

    Response time: close to one second, the pass rate is about 50-60 people / minute. 

  • Temperature measurement detection area: using imported medical dual-probe technology, the industry's first to install a probe on each of the left and right front door bevels. 

  • Optionally install a face camera on each door frame, install a multi-channel face server in the monitoring center or security room, link the alarm lights and custom voice broadcast prompts, connect the display screen to monitor one or more doors in real time; support for The photos and records captured by the high-temperature alarm can be played back in a complete event, and the personnel entry and exit trajectories can be traced throughout the process. 

  • Optional face epidemic prevention and control early warning platform, read the temperature measurement data and personnel count of each door through the network module, correlate and superimpose the real-time video of the face camera of each door, and support multiple clients such as APP to preview in real time through the public network . 

  • Alarm method: voice alarm, real-time display of body temperature. 

  • Intelligent statistics: intelligent passenger flow and alarm counting function, which can automatically count the number of personnel passes and the number of alarms

  • Model No.: JKDC-300R

  • Input working voltage: AC 85V-265V 50-60Hz 

  • Product weight: about 65.5kg 

  • Equipment power: <35W 

  • Dimensions: 2200mm (height)×880mm(width)×660mm (depth) Working environment: 1 ℃ —40 ℃ 

  • Channel size: 2000mm (height)×700mm(width)×550mm (depth) Body temperature measurement: High accuracy, error ≤0.1 ℃, no error measurement. 

  • Real-time display: fast and accurate, response time <0.1s. 

  • LCD display: 7-inch large screen displays real-time body temperature and records the number of people tested. 

  • Network transmission; configure network port output, suitable for remote monitoring. 

  • Measurement accuracy: ± 0.1-0.3℃, resolution is 0.1 ℃. 

  • Measuring range: Body temperature mode 32 ℃ ~ 42.5 ℃.


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